presume [prē zo͞om′, prēzyo͞om′, prizo͞om′, prizyo͞om′]
presumed, presuming [ME presumen < OFr presumer < L praesumere < prae-, before (see PRE-) + sumere, to take: see CONSUME]
1. to take upon oneself without permission or authority; dare (to say or do something); venture
2. to take for granted; accept as true, lacking proof to the contrary; suppose
3. to constitute reasonable evidence for supposing [a signed invoice presumes receipt of goods]
1. to act presumptuously; take liberties
2. to rely too much (on or upon), as in taking liberties [to presume on another's friendship]
3. to take something for granted
presumedly [prē zo͞om′id lē, prē zyo͞om′id lē, pri zo͞om′id lē, pri zyo͞om′id lē]
SYN.- PRESUME implies a taking something for granted or accepting it as true, usually on the basis of probable evidence in its favor and the absence of proof to the contrary [the man is presumed to be of sound mind ]; PRESUPPOSE is the broadest term here, sometimes suggesting a taking something for granted unjustifiably [this writer presupposes a too extensive vocabulary in children ] and, in another sense, implying that something is required as a preceding condition [brilliant technique in piano playing presupposes years of practice ]; ASSUME implies the supposition of something as the basis for argument or action [let us assume his motives were good ]; POSTULATE implies the assumption of something as an underlying factor, often one that is incapable of proof [his argument postulates the inherent goodness of man ]; PREMISE implies the setting forth of a proposition on which a conclusion can be based

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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  • presume — *presuppose, postulate, premise, posit, assume Analogous words: surmise, Conjecture: deduce, *infer, judge, gather, conclude …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

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